Jeff Ellis

Jeff Ellis, BSc., MBA, Parter & CEO of Conor’s Packaged Gas Operations

Mr. Ellis has worked in the packaged gas industry for over 25 years. Mr. Ellis was with the BOC Group (now Linde Gases) until he became CEO of Tri-Gas Inc. (the $250 mm/year Nippon Sanso subsidiary). Mr. Ellis left Tri-Gas to found / launch a successful entrepreneurial venture, Union Industrial Gases Group, which was a  nationwide wholesaler of industrial, medical and specialty gases and related equipment. Union reached $110 mm in sales by 2008 when it was sold to Airgas. Thereafter Mr. Ellis was subject to a non-compete for 5 years. During the non-complete period Mr. Ellis consulted to several client packaged gas companies including Airgas. Mr. Ellis joined Conor in 2013 to grow the packaged gas business into a $100mm per year business by acquisition and organically.